MGM and Caesars have unveiled their plans for a new joint casino in Atlantic City.

This week, MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment, two industry behemoths, revealed their joint venture to build a casino in Atlantic City, USA. While they refrained from any official statement through corporate channels, the CEOs of both companies engaged in a fruitful discussion with the Governor of New Jersey, the state where Atlantic City is nestled, to explore the possibilities and prospects of this exciting project.

The expansion of the online gambling sector will lead to an increase in the hiring of professionals.

The online gaming industry, particularly the casino and betting sector, is projected to experience a surge in hiring over the coming years, as the demand for mid-level professionals escalates alongside the industry's growth. Despite some opposing views, the global trend has leaned towards regulation and standardization, fostering a conducive environment for employment opportunities. This expansion is attributed to the steady rise observed in the sector in recent years, necessitating the recruitment of skilled individuals to meet the burgeoning market demands.

Discover some themed slot machines inspired by music stars.

It's no secret that numerous performers are involved, whether directly or indirectly, in the casino industry or Las Vegas. Apart from entertaining audiences at the lavish hotels and casinos, certain celebrities also actively partake in gambling, to the extent that they become renowned within the local scene. Considering the close connections between […]

The Trump Taj Mahal Casino has been sold for a fraction of its original value.

Donald Trump may have penned "The Art of the Deal," but it was the Seminole Indians who struck a remarkable deal by acquiring a lavish casino originally built by the now President of the United States. The Trump Taj Mahal, a prominent casino situated in Atlantic City, the gambling hub of New Jersey [...]

The legalization of gambling is once again rejected in Florida.

For years, stakeholders have been vying for an expansion and loosening of gambling laws in the state of Florida, United States, within the legislative chambers. Currently, only two counties are entitled to operate slot machines, and there is a restriction on the number of casinos that can be constructed in the area. After numerous litigations […]

Casumo Operator delivers two millionaire jackpots in the same week.

Casumo, one of the leading operators in online gambling and casino games, has also earned the title of "the biggest rewarder" in the month of April. This recognition comes as a result of the massive jackpots that the platform has recently distributed on its online betting wheels.

LeoVegas unveils sponsorship for UKTV's "Gold After Dark" program.

LeoVegas, an online casino gaming company, has recently announced a sponsorship deal with UKTV's Gold After Dark program. This television show has gained immense popularity and features a wide range of dark humor and cult comedy series and sketches such as That Mitchell and Webb Look and The Mighty Boosh. The partnership agreement signifies a significant milestone in LeoVegas' marketing strategy, aiming to reach a diverse audience and establish a strong presence in the entertainment industry. The collaboration is expected to bring mutual benefits and reinforce LeoVegas' commitment to supporting innovative and engaging content.

Playtech releases online slot machine with American Dad theme.

Playtech, one of the leading online casino and slot machine companies, has just released its latest slot game featuring the popular American TV series American Dad. This new release showcases Playtech's commitment to innovation in game styles and machine themes. The constant creation of new themes is a prevailing trend in the online casino market, driven primarily by the growing demand for fresh and exciting experiences. With its captivating storyline and immersive gameplay, the American Dad themed slot is set to provide players with endless entertainment and thrilling wins. Embrace the excitement and join the adventure today!

The Czech Republic Imposes a Strong Hand Against Online Gambling.

Instead of embracing the various positive aspects that different forms of gaming can offer, the Czech Republic is treating gambling as a serious issue akin to illicit drugs. A news agency in the Czech Republic reported that the National Anti-Drug Coordinator, Jindřich Voboril, will enforce measures to restrict access to gambling establishments and implement stricter regulations. This approach highlights the country's concerns regarding the potential negative impact of gambling and underscores their commitment to combating its potential harms.

SafeCharge receives approval to provide MasterCard.

SafeCharge is an international payment solutions provider that offers a seamless, secure, and convenient online payment processing experience. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, SafeCharge has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. The company prides itself on its partnership with MasterCard, one of the most renowned credit card companies worldwide. This collaboration has recently been further expanded, allowing SafeCharge to offer enhanced payment options and greater accessibility to its customers. By leveraging the expertise and global reach of MasterCard, SafeCharge continues to deliver innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of the digital payment landscape.

Online Casino Compensation Points Program

In summary, players earn points by wagering real money on casino games. These points can be exchanged for prizes when players accumulate a specific number of them. Essentially, the points serve as a variation of a loyalty program that the online casino offers to its players. The more bets you make, the faster you will [...]

Here Comes Mexico: Imminent Online Game

Approved Gambling Law This announcement stems from the approval of the proposed gambling law in the National Government Legislature. The prospect of online gambling entering Mexico has materialized in recent weeks with the establishment of a consensus among various political parties in the country. This consensus and the subsequent vote for the approval of online gambling signify a significant development in the gaming industry, marking a new chapter in Mexico's approach to the regulation of online entertainment.

Straightforward Payment Methods at Slotty Vegas Casino.

However, one of the casino's main attractions is its payment methods, which are among the most popular and efficient in the industry. Players can thus deposit and withdraw funds to and from their online casino accounts through a wide variety of methods. Deposit Options: The first on the list of options [...]

bet365 Launches Weekly Promotions

With numerous crucial matches in which various teams will battle for titles, bet365 has chosen to provide European football bonuses worth 100%, along with a promotion and cashback for the Primeira Liga. Festive Bonus of £300 Shifting our focus now to the casino itself, bet365 is...

Lottonetix and Kootac Announce Online Lottery Ticket Partnership.

Both companies are pioneers in online lottery technology, and this collaboration between the two will thus bring a surge of energy and innovation into the market. Based in Malta, Kootac has managed to establish a strong reputation over the past decade. Marek Mahdal, the management director of Kootac, emphasized that their partnership with the other company would undoubtedly foster the infusion of fresh ideas and cutting-edge solutions. This union heralds a new era of lottery advancements and customer satisfaction, as both entities combine their expertise and resources to revolutionize the industry.

The Skrill Group Acquires Ukash and PaySafeCard Will Expand

The specifics of the agreement have not yet been made public, and while there are still a few details to be ironed out, everything seems to be on track. With the inclusion of Ukash into the Skrill Group, it is likely that PaySafeCard will experience even greater growth as the most widely used prepaid payment method in Europe, also gaining […]

GamCrowd and Clarion are advancing their partnership with ICE Totally Gaming.

A series of captivating occurrences is set to unfold during the grand spectacle, slated to take place at the prestigious Excel center in London from the 3rd to the 5th of February in the year 2015. Fascinating visionaries and innovators shall grace these events, intended to serve as a wellspring of intrigue for all attendees, embarking on a transformative voyage of knowledge and exploration. These meticulously curated gatherings are tailor-made to ignite a spark of curiosity […]

The Casino Slotland's Biggest Award of the Year

The fortunate winner, Carol S., pocketed approximately $207,000 while spinning the reels on the progressive jackpot Treasure Island. This marks the largest jackpot won in a year at this casino, although there are numerous other high-value jackpots awarded to lucky players. Following her triumph, Carol S. expressed her elation and excitement at the unexpected windfall.

Novel Mobile Games Now Available on Star Games Casino

This casino frequently refreshes its game selection with irresistible new titles. Over the past few months, the desktop platform has witnessed numerous enhancements, including well-presented tutorials designed to assist players. The latest wave of improvements has also focused on the mobile platform, with the addition of numerous games that can now be enjoyed on the go.

Mobile player lands $3.3 million Mega Moolah jackpot.

Playing on her mobile device, I.R. was placing minimum bets when she managed to hit the Mega Moolah jackpot, which had already reached a whopping sum of $3,390,332. Reflecting on her recent win, the player remarked, "I had a gut feeling that I would win big, I even told a friend of mine that I was going to...