SafeCharge has received approval to provide MasterCard services.

SafeCharge is an international payment methods provider that offers a simple, secure, and convenient way to process online payments. This company has partnered with MasterCard, one of the most respected credit card companies in the world. The partnership between SafeCharge and MasterCard has recently been expanded. Now, SafeCharge is a secure provider of pre-paid MasterCard cards and its products. The Expansion of the SafeCharge and MasterCard Partnership was announced on Wednesday, December 10, 2014. SafeCharge received approval to become a MasterCard provider. Additionally, the company also announced that Ali FaridKhwaja would become the new CEO of the credit card division. David Avgi, the CEO of SafeCharge, commented on the approval they received from MasterCard, emphasizing that it is an extension of the original agreement established with MasterCard. Avgi further adds that this is a highly positive development for SafeCharge. Now, the company can process MasterCard credit and debit cards, creating a new division for SafeCharge. Avgi said that the company is excited to expand its product offering in order to enter a new market sector with more opportunities for growth. About Ali FaridKhwaja, the new Executive Vice President of the card division at SafeCharge. Khwaja previously worked as a financial technology analyst at a private bank called Berenberg. He will begin his role as Executive Vice President in February 2015. Before joining Berenberg, Khawaja was a financial technology analyst overseeing market investments at UBS. He is a licensed financial analyst with a degree from the University of Oxford. After the announcement, SafeCharge's share prices rose by 1.91%, reaching 240.00 cents per share, which was 2% lower compared to the same period last year.

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