Discover a few music-themed slot machines.

It's no secret that numerous performers have a connection, be it direct or indirect, to the casino industry or Las Vegas. In addition to delivering mesmerizing shows to audiences at the renowned hotels and casinos, certain celebrities also partake in gambling activities, to the extent that they become well-known within the local scene.

Given the close relationship between music and gambling, it's no surprise that several renowned artists have been honored with their very own themed slot machines. For those who are both music enthusiasts and avid slot players, it's worth exploring some of the most iconic ones. Discover a selection of these captivating slot games below:

Elvis the King slot machines

Elvis's association with Las Vegas is widely known and well-documented. Elvis Presley is credited with revitalizing Las Vegas as an entertainment hub and putting an end to the mafia's significant influence there. In the 1960s, Elvis was invited to perform in Las Vegas and regularly held shows there twice a year. Even today, Elvis is inseparable from the city of Las Vegas, and vice versa. One can come across impersonators and artists who emulate Elvis's style and music. Numerous statues and gift items featuring the idol's face can be found virtually everywhere on the strip, the area of the city where casinos are concentrated. While there are some themed slot machines dedicated to the musician, the most prominent one is called "Elvis, the King." It stands out due to its unconventional roulette dynamics and its unique and enjoyable bonus rounds. Manufactured by IGT, it can be found in various casinos and hotels in Las Vegas, as well as in other locations. Some online versions are also available and can be played for free or for real money. If you are a fan of the idol and want to experience bonus rounds themed around Jailhouse Rock and Viva Las Vegas, this is the perfect slot machine for you!


In 2013, the renowned vocalist Britney Spears made a groundbreaking announcement regarding her plans to grace the renowned Planet Hollywood hotel in Las Vegas with a series of electrifying performances, slated to commence the following year. Ever since that momentous declaration, the illustrious star has triumphantly garnered a staggering sum of over 100 million dollars in ticket sales throughout her remarkable four-year residency, which is set to culminate in the present year. Furthermore, Britney has been bestowed with a remarkable accolade by the esteemed electronic gaming company Aristocrat, who have crafted a captivating slot machine game themed around her astounding persona. Following a tumultuous period of personal challenges that precipitated her health decline in 2007, Britney Spears deliberately retreated from the public eye, only to make a brief resurgence into the limelight. Subsequently, the revered idol opted to embark on a residency contract at Planet Hollywood, mirroring the legendary tenure of Elvis in the 1960s, which entails a specified number of consecutive annual shows at the prestigious hotel and casino, effectively casting her as a cherished "house artist." As a result, while still actively pursuing her artistic endeavors and residing outside the encompassing glare of Los Angeles and Hollywood, the celebrated popstar has fervently focused on revitalizing her musical career and prioritizing her well-being.


Her slot machine, found in various hotels and casinos along the strip, features themed rounds based on the pop star's greatest hits, such as Toxic and Oops, I Did It Again.

The King of Pop

Michael Jackson had a diverse career. Growing up as a young boy with his father and siblings in the Jackson Five, the King of Pop was widely recognized for his music, dance moves, and controversial episodes. With a life shrouded in secrecy, numerous plastic surgeries, and allegations of child abuse, the icon certainly did not lead a peaceful existence, until his recent passing at the age of 50.

However, his impact goes far beyond that. The revolution he brought to pop music, music videos, and ultimately, popular culture as a whole, is unforgettable. Chart-topping hits like Thriller dominated the airwaves for years. The iconic moonwalk will forever be synonymous with the idol.

All of Michael Jackson's career has already been presented to us in his documentary This Is It, which followed the singer's rehearsal routine for his latest tour. The idol is also being honored in Las Vegas through the Cirque du Soleil performances, in a show named One. In addition to these tributes, there is another one in Las Vegas as well. The themed slot machine named The King of Pop, dedicated to Michael Jackson, can be found in various locations throughout the gambling capital, featuring special rounds themed around Smooth Criminal and Beat It. Besides the thematic symbols and bonus rounds, the slot machine also showcases appearances of the idol, who sometimes appears and glides across the screen, granting you victories on the roulette. For fans of the idol who are already planning to attend the stunning Cirque du Soleil show, this could certainly be the icing on the cake.

In addition to these musicians, numerous other artists such as Dolly Parton and ZZ Top also enjoy tributes in international casinos. These slot machines present a fantastic choice for gambling enthusiasts and especially for music lovers. If you're a fan of both betting and rocking out, these homage-filled gaming machines are definitely worth a spin.

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