GamCrowd and Clarion are moving forward with their partnership with ICE Totally Gaming.

A variety of occurrences are set to take place during the exhibition, scheduled from February 3rd to 5th in 2015 at the Excel center in London. Captivating Entrepreneurs These events are designed to be a source of interest for all participants, embarking on a journey of learning and discovery. These events are specifically crafted to benefit investors and entrepreneurs. There is no doubt that this event has all the prerequisites to become one of the leading business events in the gaming industry worldwide. Innovative and Specific Events Specific events include the "Pitch ICE," a platform where entrepreneurs can provide information about their products to event participants. All entrepreneurs will have a total of 15 minutes of attention to present their ideas and products to dozens of participants and potential stakeholders. Participants will not only serve as jurors but will also have the opportunity to vote on the slot machines. Winners from each category will receive free access to a development project provided by GamCrowd aimed at enhancing skills and experience. Additional events include the launch of a funding platform for the industry in the form of daily seminars led by GamCrowd's CEO, Chris North, the company's president, Ian Hogg, and CFO Andrew Bowen. GamCrowd will also be responsible for organizing networking sessions for start-up funding regularly throughout the duration of this event.

The Development Partnership between GamCrowd and Clarion These sessions are a continuation of the previous GamCrowd and Clarion event at EiG in 2014, known as the Start-up Zone, which featured a series of discussions and events that culminated in the launch of the LaunchPad competition. This presents an opportunity for all entrepreneurs and start-ups to broaden their horizons and integrate their businesses into a new realm in the online gaming atmosphere. Expand your ventures and embark on a journey of growth in the ever-evolving world of online gaming.

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