Lottonetix and Kootac announce online lottery ticket partnership.

Both companies are pioneers in online lottery technology, and this partnership will undoubtedly infuse the market with a fresh wave of energy and innovation. Based in Malta, Kootac has successfully built a strong reputation over the past decade. Marek Mahdal, the management director of Kootac, emphasized that their online platform is now in its third iteration. Through this collaboration with Lottonetix, they are poised to explore the UK market, expanding their company and securing a more advantageous position for themselves. Kootac's leadership in platform technological advancements will enable potential affiliates and operators to launch online lottery brands more swiftly and effortlessly. Lottonetix, on the other hand, will oversee sales and marketing aspects, further enhancing its industry presence. With extensive marketing experience in the UK market, Lottonetix has become a reputable company, fostering successful lottery syndicates and delivering excellent outcomes. Shai Ben Ami, the CEO of Lottonetix, expressed the company's keen interest in substantial growth within the online lottery market. This partnership is expected to contribute to that objective, while also creating a platform that offers exceptional opportunities for their affiliates and operators.

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