The expansion of the online gambling sector will lead to an increase in the hiring of professionals.

The online gaming industry, particularly the casino and betting sectors, is poised to witness an uptick in hiring rates in the coming years. This surge in recruitment is attributed to the growing need for mid-level professionals and the sector's steady expansion in recent times. Despite some opposing viewpoints, the global trend has been towards the regulation and legalization of gaming operators. The benefits of this approach are widely acknowledged by all industry stakeholders. Through regulation, players are better safeguarded against fraudulent and illicit activities, especially in the realm of slot machines. For the industry, operating within a formal framework enables investment in stock markets and facilitates the recruitment of top-notch professionals, thereby improving the current stigma surrounding the sector. Naturally, the government stands to gain as well by being able to levy taxes on both casino winnings and revenue, thereby bolstering their revenue streams, at times significantly.

Regulation and growth

Consequently, with the advent of recent regulations in the United States, which have been enabling the operation of online casinos in numerous distinct states, and the initiation of casino operations in the northern and eastern regions of Europe - previously untapped markets - the industry has been swiftly modernizing and expanding, presenting ample avenues for future growth.

Hence, the companies' strategy is to also invest in infrastructure and, particularly, in personnel. The insufficient availability of individuals willing to work in middle-level positions - management, logistics, administration - has failed to keep up with the industry's growth, which is now seeking expansion in emerging markets such as China and India. According to Pentasia, a recruitment agency specialized in the media and online gaming industry, the number of hirings from 2017 until May has already exceeded the total number of hirings in 2016.

Despite ending the first quarter of 2017 with lower earnings than the same period the previous year, IGT, a machine builder and online casino game developer, has highlighted its current priority of hiring operational and resource management professionals to ensure company growth for the remainder of the year. The company also attributes the decrease in profits to other factors such as a higher number of large prize payouts and increased industry taxation in key countries like Italy.

Qualified professionals

Due to the immense triumph of the industry, the numerous acquisitions and mergers of major online gambling groups, several of which also operate in other sectors such as hospitality, media, and online gaming in general, many proficient gambling professionals have transitioned to other divisions within the company, enjoying greater traditional exposure. This phenomenon is also a significant instigator of the recent surge in recruitment and shortage of skilled labor.

According to a Pentasia expert, the surge in job openings has predominantly been for senior sales managers and senior accountants. The industry's fierce competition among major companies has also led to an increase in vacancies and intensified competition within the sector, thereby favoring the emergence of fresh, high-caliber talents. In contrast to those who migrated to other companies within large corporate conglomerates, these newly hired individuals view the industry with greater confidence, primarily due to its increased regulation.

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