Casumo operator awards two million-dollar jackpots in the same week.

Casumo, one of the leading online betting and casino gaming operators, has also garnered the title of "top prize-giver" in the month of April. This accolade is attributed to the recent distribution of its multi-million dollar jackpots on their online betting wheels.

The company provides a wide range of themed games that can be played directly in web browsers or on mobile devices, such as slot machines, jackpot slots, card games, and various other bets. By signing up and creating your profile on the website, you gain access to all the products as well as tools to organize and utilize your credits. The Mega Fortune slot machine was the first app to award over 3.3 million euros (around 10 million Canadian reais). Enjoy the thrilling experience and try your luck today!

The Swedish winner of the Mega Fortune jackpot was not accustomed to playing slot machines. On a peaceful evening, before retiring to bed, the player recounts having dabbled in roulette. With a minimum bet of 20 euro cents, they won ten times the amount wagered. As they continued playing with their newly acquired credits, the "Bonus" symbol appeared on reels one, two, and three. This meant that the player would have a chance to spin the bonus wheel.

During the bonus round, you'll spin the first of three wheels to secure a higher guaranteed prize or move on to the next level if you hit an arrow. By hitting three consecutive arrows, you'll win the roulette's ultimate prize: the jackpot. That's exactly what the Swedish player discovered when he casually gave it a spin and became Sweden's newest millionaire. In an interview, the player stated that he will use the money for good causes and to take a few years off to unwind.

Second Winner

Just a few days after the Mega Fortune jackpot, another player hit the jackpot at Casumo. This time on the mobile version "Mega Fortune Dreams," a player wagered only 1 euro before landing on the bonus wheel, which spun successfully until reaching the ultimate prize. Casumo's progressive jackpots are the most sought after, providing the opportunity to win a massive prize on the bonus wheel, unlike the regular versions. This time, the prize reached an astounding 4.6 million euros (15 million reais) and went to an anonymous player. Out of the five jackpots paid out by the operator to date, this was the largest one yet.

With the betting community in a frenzy after receiving two consecutive awards, Casumo's progressive slots have skyrocketed in popularity. Those who register now will be rewarded with a variety of benefits, including bonus chips. It's worth noting that the site has already witnessed the emergence of four million-dollar jackpots on its slot machines. Given the growing number of players and the industry's keen interest, it is only a matter of time before a fortunate individual claims the next million-dollar jackpot, which could reach up to 4.5 million euros.

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