Here comes Mexico: Imminent Online Gaming

Approved Gambling Law This announcement stems from the approval result of the presented gambling law in the National Government Legislature. The possibility of online gambling entering Mexico has taken shape in recent weeks following an agreement established between various political parties in Mexico. This agreement and the vote for the approval of online gambling open the doors to the complete legalization of online gambling. The Chamber of Deputies has overwhelmingly approved the vote that will submit the gambling law to the Mexican Senate for subsequent approval. The regulatory model for this law will transform the Mexican online gambling market into a unified service with a limited number of providers, fostering more transparency and regulation. However, this regulation does not allow Mexico to participate in international prizes.

Transparency and Awareness for the Gambling ActivityThe Deputy Director of PAN commented, "With this fresh legislation, every citizen of Mexico can now acquire knowledge of the number of casinos present in the country, thus enhancing transparency as information will become accessible regarding their proprietors, partners, and more."

Mexico has, until now, shown hesitation in embracing online gambling due to its weak governmental structure, which has prioritized resources towards combating violence, corruption, and trafficking, as well as tackling infamous drug cartels. However, this approach has inadvertently benefitted cartels and other criminal organizations, allowing them to operate unregulated casinos and establish illegal gambling venues throughout the country.

The government's new regulation is designed to be more member-friendly by implementing measures such as anti-money laundering protection and a minimum gambling age of 21 years. These provisions not only ensure the safety and integrity of financial transactions but also prioritize the well-being of individuals by safeguarding against illicit activities. By setting a higher age limit, the regulation aims to create a responsible gambling environment that promotes healthy decision-making and protects vulnerable individuals.

The Mexican government is eagerly anticipating the potential tax revenue from online gambling. Leading operators like Winner Casino are closely monitoring developments in Mexico, poised to enter the market once the legislation is approved.

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