The AGA is coordinating a nationwide campaign to promote gambling in the United States.

A fresh motto highlights the approach of the American Gaming Association (AGA) in showcasing its perspective on online gambling. The campaign "Discover the Game" aims to underscore the positive impact of gambling on communities. Positive Community Partnerships The AGA is spreading the message through cutting-edge communication channels to reach lawmakers, consumer advocates, and other public influencers. The AGA will emphasize the existing partnerships between the gaming industry and community leaders in organizations such as small businesses and law enforcement agencies. To demonstrate how online casinos can benefit communities, the AGA is emphasizing the positive impact on the industry by launching a survey that will encompass the entire country. This survey will provide demographic profiles of casino visitors today, hoping to reveal that a significant number of people are taking advantage of all the benefits that online gambling has to offer.

Economic development

From an economic standpoint, online gaming has shown to have contributed to employment growth. A 2012 report by the Brattle Group highlighted that the commercial casino industry generates around $125 billion annually in expenditures, both directly and indirectly. This includes purchasing from suppliers in the United States, whose production provides wages and other benefits to over 800,000 workers throughout the country.

A wide range of skilled and unskilled job opportunities are available in the gaming industry, encompassing various professional services in fields such as accounting, hospitality management, computer systems, technology, software development, hotel and catering, retail, and entertainment industry.

It's Time to Put an End to Stereotypes.

By emphasizing positivity, this campaign aims to eradicate the stigma associated with gambling and cases of addiction that disproportionately affect the entire community. The American Gambling Association seeks to dismantle this stereotype and offer a fresh perspective on online gaming through this initiative.

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