The Biggest Bet

Every gambler who truly needs to win understands how spiritual gambling can become. In a practice that transcends race or creed, when the winnings are meager, one begins to wonder who is controlling the game and if he, she, or something will delicately and only this time increase the odds in their favor, and possibly rewrite history and reality... if it's not too much trouble. This implies that gambling often leads to prayer, and if you win, it may lead you to want to express gratitude, which means that the act of gambling can be considered a religious act.

The Bible and other religious texts, such as the Indian Mahabharata, are quick to make us understand this. There are tales of individuals seeking the Divine in order to win a risky bet, often involving life or death situations (like Jacob and Laban's sheep in Genesis).

But it's not just that. In ancient times, gambling was a means by which people sought to commune with their deities. In China, a handful of reeds were thrown into the air in an attempt to interpret the concepts of Yin and Yang (Good and Evil) and Ching (Energy). In Ancient Greece, as historians attest, Zeus and Aphrodite would make certain significant decisions through the casting of dice.

However, our ancestors went even further! In the renowned classic, the Iliad, a tale is told about how the Olympian Gods were advised by chance to determine which of the numerous soldiers would be their battle champion, upon whose shoulders the fate of war sometimes rested.

What is the lesson to be learned? The lesson to remember from this article is that gambling is a part of our lives! It is today, it was yesterday, and it will be tomorrow. We adore online casino games because they are one of the most fundamental aspects of ourselves and who we are, and it will always remain that way.

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