The Top 3D Slot Games for the Year 2013.


  • The Betsoft slot game, OSlotfatherpela, transports players into a romanticized underworld of a thrilling 3D life. With innovative technology powering the game, a world of morbid bosses, dangerous deals, and mafia capos awaits exploration. This incredible 3D slot game is the talk of the town. O Slotfather brings to mind the film "The Godfather," where Al Pacino plays the leading character and later becomes the most iconic role of his career. This popular 3D slot game features 5 reels and 30 paylines, creating an epic entertainment experience. The characters include Sammy Quickfingers, Tony Gordo, Frankie the Mechanic, and, of course, the Slotfather.
  • True Illusions is another exciting 3D slot game from Betsoft. It takes players on a thrilling adventure through the city streets at night, featuring a detective, a cat in the alley, and plenty of street boys. The jackpots in this game, consisting of 5 reels and 30 paylines, along with impressive graphics, are already making a big impression. Players will enjoy the funky beats that emulate the urban atmosphere of the game. Both games are available at bet365 casino, 7Red casino, and TropeziaPalace.
  • NetEnt is a leading developer of 3D slot games, and 2013 is quickly becoming the year in which NetEnt dominates. Two particular game titles are the pride and joy of slot players around the world. These include the incomparable "Gonzo's Quest" and "Secrets of Horus." The former takes players on a wild journey to the Amazon, where five rolling reels and twenty paylines come to life in an adventure of excellence. It's a thrilling escapade filled with action where dreams come true, featuring cascading winning combinations and abundant wild symbols to boost your score. The game "Secrets of Horus" brings the mystery of Ancient Egypt back to life. Mummies, tombs, pyramids, and hieroglyphics are just a few of the many artifacts waiting to be unearthed in this adventure. NetEnt's top casinos include: EuroSlots and Parasino.
  • One Million Ants, by Sheriff Gaming, brings these little guys to the big screen. This 3D slot game is a tribute to ants, and it's always entertaining. With its 5 rolling reels and 20 paylines, this 3D slot game has a maximum payout of 25 thousand coins. Plenty of exploration symbols and wild symbols fill the rolling reels, where players will also experience realistic sound effects. There's an animated clip that serves as an appetizer before the One Million Ants game debuts. TropeziaPalace casino recently added Sheriff Gaming's games to its growing repertoire of games. Give it a try.
  • In 2011, 888 Casino, one of the world leaders in online casinos, launched the game Magical Forest, a 3D slot game. This mind-blowing game continues to be the top choice for many players in 2013. It is exclusively available to 888 gaming patrons, where the vastness of the forest is brought to life through 3D screens. Players use 3D glasses to play the game, which is accessible on all platforms through using Sheriff Gaming. The game features 5 rotating reels and 30 fantasy-filled paylines, offering endless entertainment.
  • JackpotCity casino is the home of the most captivating games in the industry. With hundreds of options available, players can immerse themselves in a world of thrilling entertainment. Play slot games In its arsenal, this online casino excels when it comes to Microgaming fans. One of the games that has caught the attention of players from all sides is SterlingSilver. It works like 3D movies, with 3D glasses required to enjoy the games. The experience is nothing short of surreal, and the jackpots are incredibly valuable. This game features 5 rolling reels and 25 paylines, making it a treasure trove about to enrich someone in 2013!

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