"Roulette, a game of millionaire champions"

Many may believe that when it comes to roulette, the outcomes will always be based on luck, which is not true. The majority of roulette's big winners possessed an incredible power of observation and were able to predict some results by examining the wear and tear of the wheel or analyzing the most recurring numbers. The game of roulette, known as the queen of casinos, will always have a special place filled with gamblers and ample opportunities for victories. Great champions were attentive enough to the specifics of each roulette wheel or relied on luck to break the bank. The bank always holds an advantage over the player in this particular game, but in light of these results, we may think twice before making such an assertion.


The Greatest Players of All Time

Discover now the most incredible tales of players from physical casinos who have made history as big names in roulette. Prepare to be amazed by their journeys of triumph, as they deftly navigated the roulette tables, leaving a lasting legacy in the world of gambling. These extraordinary individuals have become legends, their stories inspiring countless aspiring players to chase their own dreams of fortune and success. From thrilling victories to heart-stopping losses, immerse yourself in the captivating narratives of these casino pioneers. Get ready to be captivated by their audacity, resilience, and unwavering determination to conquer the wheel of destiny.

  • Joseph Jagger, a skilled roulette player, employed a well-known strategy used by professional gamblers. He took advantage of a flaw in the roulette wheel's structure that caused biased outcomes. As a result of this flaw, he managed to accumulate approximately $325,000.
  • In 1891, Charles Wells dealt another hard blow to the Monte Carlo casino. His intention was merely to stay and play some rounds of roulette with a modest sum of £4,000, but he ended up leaving with approximately 1 million French francs.
  • Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo: Gonzalo and his son conducted a sort of survey among various casinos to find out which numbers were most frequently drawn in roulette and created a computer program that allowed them to predict some results. With this program, they managed to earn millions of dollars and worldwide fame.
  • Ashley Revell: this gambler relied on luck when betting everything on the red color. To achieve this feat, he stayed at the Plaza Hotel, located in Las Vegas. He sold all his belongings and started betting with $136,000, and walked away with $272,000.


Curious Stories

  • Sean Connery: the famous actor known for his role as James Bond also made a significant amount of money by betting on the number 17 three consecutive times. The most incredible part of this story is that the renowned actor emerged victorious as the ball landed on the number 17 three times in a row.
  • The Martingale Method: a mathematician named Paul Pierre Lévy has produced some works based on progression and doubling that guide the bets in roulette for many players. The method known as Martingale is widely spread worldwide and its results are quite efficient.
  • Christian Lusarti: this player is not renowned for his gambling achievements, but rather for attempting to get rid of 160 fake chips by flushing them all down the toilet, resulting in a clogged bowl.
  • Francis Farrugia: he is known as the biggest cheater in roulette history. While some friends distracted the croupier, he simply placed his chips on the winning number. He left the casino with a lot of money, but soon got caught by the casino's surveillance system.
  • The Devil's Game: the sum of all the numbers on the roulette wheel is 666, which is why it is also known as the Devil's game.

After hearing countless tales about the game and the most renowned and wealthy gamblers, you will undoubtedly perceive roulette in a different light. The multitude of legends and stories surrounding roulette is truly captivating, just as the game itself is brimming with all the exhilarating emotions that accompany each match.

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