Love Pond

Love has once again served as inspiration for a brand new scratch game. The Love Lake, with a concept that is quite straightforward, entertaining, and incredibly easy to play. Another creation by Random Logic that will keep you entertained for hours. A scratch game that you cannot afford to miss. Everything takes place in a lake filled with various creatures. From frogs to bizarre transformations, anything can happen in this game where love reigns supreme in a scenario brimming with animation in the lake. Test your luck, scratch, and win!

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Assist the princess in finding her soulmate at Love Pond.

If you're in search of an enjoyable game with a captivating theme, look no further than Love Pond. Developed by Random Logic, this game revolves around the mission of helping a princess find her true love. Drawing inspiration from beloved fairy tales of children's literature, the princess embarks on a journey where she must kiss a frog and patiently await its transformation into a prince. Experience the enchantment and excitement as you join the princess on her quest for everlasting love in this delightful adventure.

In Love Pond, sometimes this prophecy may not come true, and instead of kissing a prince, the frog ends up transforming into a dreadful monster. The game is amusing, and the visuals are quite vivid. Players can spend a lot of time enjoying themselves with Love Pond.

Symbols and bonus games

The setting is a pond with five frogs on their lily pads and a melancholic princess, until she comes across her new suitors. The young lady casts her kisses, hoping they will reach the chosen frog, whereupon it can either transform into a hideous monster or a rather charming prince. Love Pond may not offer bonuses or jackpots, but the rewards are nothing short of impressive.

The panel is straightforward, featuring only a few buttons.

  • In this option, the player will need to set up the bet.
  • When you press play, the game will start.
  • Autoplay: this option enables automatic gameplay.
  • Limits: It is possible to bet from 25 cents to 10 dollars in the game. It is affordable for everyone.

The game offers a mesmerizing experience with its stunning visuals and captivating gameplay, leaving players spellbound by the opportunity to win amazing prizes. The vibrant graphics and amusing storyline serve as a catalyst, enticing users to immerse themselves in the game and embark on a quest to find a perfect match for the princess. Once again, Random Logic has hit the jackpot with a popular and comedic theme that appeals to a wide audience. Join us now and lend a hand in helping the princess find her soulmate.

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