Learn right now the different types of casino roulette games.

If you believe that roulette wheels are the same all around the world, you couldn't be more mistaken. The roulette is a classic casino game that offers a multitude of special betting options. Many individuals have the misconception that placing a bet on the roulette simply involves selecting a number and spinning the wheel until the ball reaches its destination.

Casino roulette is a game with such abundant winning opportunities that those unfamiliar with its rules would surely be astounded by the sheer versatility of betting combinations. Discover a little more about this highly acclaimed game in casino halls worldwide and grasp the reason why so many gamblers regard it as an extraordinary game.


Roulette Varieties

  • American Roulette: American roulette is characterized by the double zero. This means that there is an additional number compared to the traditional 36, which is why it is not recommended for beginner players, as the extra number increases the house advantage. It is a more common version in the United States, where it originated, and that is why it is called by this name.
  • European Roulette: it is the most well-known version among the public, with only one zero, giving the player a greater advantage and for that reason, it is the favorite of gamblers. If you are thinking about starting your roulette bets, you will appreciate the financial return of European and French roulettes.
  • French Roulette: this roulette has the same operating principles as European roulette. The main difference is that this version has two rules that will benefit the bettors called "la partage" and "en prison". The French terms are characteristic of the roulette.

In "la partage", if the ball lands on zero, you will lose half of your total bet amount. In "en prison", if the ball lands on zero, the entire bet will be frozen until the next spin. If the ball lands on zero again or if the player loses, all the frozen amount will go to the house, but if the player wins, they will receive only the original bet amount. Prepare to be amazed by the gameplay and the incredible return rate of this version. Similar to the European version, it is recommended for less experienced players as it provides more advantages for the bettor.


How the Game Works

The game features a set of rules that are relatively simple to comprehend, and that intimidating table filled with unfamiliar words and various symbols will no longer be a daunting task. As everyone is well aware, the game revolves around a roulette wheel controlled by a dealer, who will also release the ball to determine the winning number. The inner bet is placed on the numbers situated in the central section of the table.

It is feasible to place wagers on two numbers by positioning the chips between the two numbers. In the case of the three-number bet, the chip will be placed in a strategic location known as the "street" situated in the corner of the numeric section. At the intersection of four numbers, you have the opportunity to bet on all of them simultaneously. In the middle of two rows, you will bet on six numbers at once. The intricate betting table typically comprises the following symbols:

  • 1st12, 2nd12, and 3rd12: you will have the option to bet on the first, second, or third dozen.
  • 2to1: you will be able to bet on the first, second, or third column.
  • 1to18 or 19:36: you will be able to bet on the first 18 or last 18 numbers.
  • Odd or Even: bet on even numbers or odd numbers.
  • Bet on red or black: choose between red or black numbers.

Now that you have acquired knowledge about the various types and fundamental concepts of roulette, it is time to embark on a delightful journey filled with thrilling experiences and the pursuit of lucrative rewards. Seize the opportunities presented in online casinos and embrace formidable challenges that lie ahead.

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