The History of Keno

Just like nearly every other modern-day casino game, the precise origin of Keno remains somewhat enigmatic. In reality, there is scarce information available regarding its inception.

The initial roots of Keno can be traced back to ancient China during the Han Dynasty when a man named Cheung Leung initiated a game that bore a striking resemblance to Keno at that time. His aim was to raise funds that would be used for warfare. The game garnered immense popularity, with the inhabitants of his city thoroughly enjoying themselves and swiftly adapting to the novel game. Soon after, the game transcended the city's boundaries and began spreading to farms and villages. The outcomes of the draws

In ancient times, people used to play a game known as the "White Pigeon Game," where messages were written on small scrolls and then sent using carrier pigeons. The funds raised from this game were then used to finance the construction of the magnificent Great Wall of China. As a result, this game became synonymous with the noble endeavor of building a grand architectural marvel.

After reaching this point, the history of this marvelous game became somewhat hazy, as it eventually spread throughout China, with visitors carrying it to other parts of the world. Later on, the game was eventually brought to the United States of America, where it also gained significant popularity. It was then named Chinese Lottery because the game board still employed 80 Chinese characters, which made it somewhat challenging for English speakers to comprehend. As a result, in the 19th century, the Chinese characters were replaced with numbers.

In the 1930s, following the legalization of gambling in Nevada, a particular game known as Chinese Lottery was not included in the legislation, rendering it illegal to play. To address this matter, the game's name was changed to Keno, ensuring its compliance with the law and allowing for its full legality. Consequently, Keno experienced a remarkable surge in popularity in Las Vegas, subsequently introducing the game to the rest of the world. Nowadays, Keno has become widely popular in casinos across the globe, establishing its presence in all corners of the world.

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