Horse Racing in the Arab World

The Arabian horses, renowned as the "Arabian Stallions," have captured the fascination of many. Originating from the Arabian Peninsula, these horses have evolved to become one of the most beloved breeds worldwide. Today, the Arabian bloodline can be traced in nearly all modern racing horse breeds. This is the land where a genuine and truly historical love for these magnificent creatures has flourished for thousands of years. Some claim that these horses first emerged in the Fertile Crescent, a region of lush and fertile land stretching from Iraq to the Nile Valley.

To Gamble or Not to Gamble.

Imagine the immense prize that the Dubai World Cup of 2013, the biggest race in the world, can generate. This extraordinary event combines a deep fondness for these marvelous creatures with a culture that holds a special appreciation for gambling. It is astounding to think that the prize money for this race is believed to be around 10 million dollars. However, it is quite perplexing to comprehend that the participants of this race did not place bets on the Meydan racetrack. Connecting the dots between these elements can be quite challenging.

According to some individuals, Islam is a realm where "royal horse races can thrive effortlessly." In simpler terms, when opulence stretches its boundaries, Dubai aims to demonstrate that horse racing can flourish without the need for betting.

How to define the bets?

Online betting has a strong presence worldwide, with William Hill and bet365 sports being two of the most respected online casinos where horse betting is open, legal, and welcomed. However, there are multiple references indicating that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) block online betting websites and any offshore cruise that anchors along the UAE coasts. The UAE's stance on online gambling is restrictive, preventing access to such platforms and activities within their jurisdiction.

However, there are recent examples of gambling discussions in the United Arab Emirates, such as the Dubai Duty Free Lotteries movement. It is worth noting that Dubai Duty Free was one of the sponsors of the world championship in Dubai. This presents a fresh perspective and redefines the concept of gambling as lotteries are technically a form of betting. Surprisingly, the Dubai Duty Free Lotteries movement has gained considerable traction, bringing attention to the evolving landscape of gambling in the region.

Lotteries seem to be exempt from the strict laws in the United Arab Emirates. It is clear that when there is a will, there is always a way. The laws in the UAE may be tough, but it is evident that there are no issues when it comes to lotteries. Where there is determination, there always seems to be a solution.

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