Fruit Shop

Enjoy the fun and lively slot game at the Fruit Shop.

If you have never experienced a true fruit machine, you will greatly enjoy this modern and feature-packed version by NetEnt. Renowned for their game software production, NetEnt delivers vibrant colors and well-crafted graphics in this video slot. With 5 reels and 15 paylines, your chances of winning are heightened.

Fruits seem to burst out of the screen, and with each free spin, a new thrill awaits as the screen transforms, accompanied by captivating audiovisual effects that give a thrilling surge of adrenaline. The special features of additional spins are random yet frequent, ensuring that the machine possesses a remarkable ability to generate substantial profits.

Symbols and Bonus Games

  • Wild: the symbol of Fruit Shop replaces all others. A payline with the wild symbol will pay x2.
  • Free Spins: paylines with free spins pay x2. A winning payline, with matching fruit symbols, will award you free spins. 3 identical symbols give 1 free spin, 4 symbols give 2 spins, and 5 symbols pay 5 free spins.
  • Extra Free Spins: during the free spins, new winning combinations may occur, providing the chance for additional free spins.
  • Symbols: The symbols that pay out the most are the cherries. For every 5 combinations, we get a profit of 2000 coins. The plum will pay out 1000 coins for the same set of symbols, and the lemon 750 coins.

Despite being a highly common theme in slot machines, NetEnt has managed to bring unique features to this version, injecting a breath of vitality and enhancement that will attract players tired of the monotony in this type of machine.

This fair is truly extraordinary, and these fruits have been selectively picked to boost your balance with every spin. The abundant paylines, wild symbols, multipliers, and frequent free spins will undoubtedly make this fair a bountiful experience.

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