Discover now the Stories and Curiosities of Canada Bingo.

Bingo is the beloved game of the Canadian family, and during the holiday season, it is the time when it takes over households, bringing joy and entertainment to everyone. Both children and adults are always eager to compete for various prizes, and there is always that lucky person who takes home a larger quantity of gifts. Ultimately, this classic and thrilling game has become a part of the country's festive rituals of togetherness.

In Canada, bingo is synonymous with joy. Online casinos scattered across the internet provide an exhilarating experience for gamblers from all around the globe, using computers, tablets, and smartphones. The journey of bingo into this technological realm has been accompanied by a fascinating array of transformations and intriguing tales.


Interesting Facts

  • How It All Began: Bingo originated in Italian politics, as council members were chosen through balls drawn from an urn. In 1530, a form of Italian lottery was born and started spreading the game throughout the region. From Italy, the game made its way to France and Germany. It gained prominence in the United States and spread to the rest of the world.
  • Biggest Prize: The largest jackpot in a bingo game was awarded in 2012 to John Orchard from England. He won 6 million pounds in an online bingo game with an initial bet of 30 pounds. With that money, he gave up everything and moved with his wife to a luxurious residence.
  • The Queen's Game: At Buckingham Palace, the queen and her loved ones thoroughly enjoy a nice game of bingo.
  • Astrology and Bingo: The renowned player Cristiano Ronaldo claims that bingo games have helped him socialize and learn English. Other cinema and music stars often play to raise funds for charity.
  • Different Bingos: Bingo comes in various versions, but essentially what differs is the number of balls that can be drawn. Here in Canada, we usually play 90-ball bingo, but it's not the same everywhere else. In England, the 80-ball version is quite popular, while in Canada and the USA, the 75-ball version is the most successful.
  • Carl Leffler, the mathematics professor, was responsible for creating over 6000 unique bingo cards, encompassing all possible number combinations. Following his immense dedication to the game, many claim that Leffler lost his sanity.
  • Profile of the Player: research indicates that 80% of bingo players are women ranging in age from 30 to 50 years old. While this is the current picture, it is dynamic and many young males have started to enjoy this game.
  • School Game: In Germany, bingo is used as a tool in math classes to teach students multiplication and numerical table.
  • Bingo: one of the characteristics of the games is that the word BINGO must be spoken by the winner so that everyone knows who the lucky one was and so that their card can be checked. The word bingo then became synonymous with success, and every day when we do something correctly, we can say: bingo!

Bingo is a highly enjoyable game that undoubtedly captivates not only due to the anticipation of winning a prize but also because it serves as a means of socializing. The online version enables Canadians to legally place their bets and experience all the thrill and excitement that casino games can offer. It's an opportunity for individuals to engage in legal gambling activities and immerse themselves in the exhilaration and suspense of online betting.

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