Court Orders: Sentenced to Play Poker for Freedom.

It is common knowledge that recently, the federal government has been causing a lot of trouble for poker players in the United States. However, authorities in one state have taken the opposite approach by ordering a man to play poker in order to pay off his criminal debts. On August 4th, the lawyers from the state of New Mexico reached an agreement with former stockbroker Samuel McMaster Jr. This agreement would allow him to avoid imprisonment if he manages to win back $444,000 by playing poker, which is the amount he defrauded from over twenty victims. The agreement was reached after McMaster pleaded guilty to 26 criminal charges of securities fraud.

On Monday, Phyllis Bowman, a lawyer from New Mexico, informed ABC News that his release had nothing to do with his profession. He emphasized that there is no indication whatsoever that he poses a violent threat to society.

Good evening and good luck. According to McMaster's lawyer, who claims he "plays poker to achieve legal ends," McMaster may leave New Mexico to compete in tournaments across the country. However, the challenge of earning such a substantial amount of money is no walk in the park, considering the controversial player's lack of success over the past couple of years.

McMaster must achieve a monthly income of at least $7,500 over the next six months, or else he will face the courtroom once more, where he could potentially be sentenced to over 12 years in prison for his offenses.

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