Big Bang

Big Bang: The universe conspires in your favor in this top slot machine.

Big Bang is an amazing game that features 25 paylines and 5 reels. It is another hit from NetEnt, a company well-known for creating top-notch online casino games. In this particular game, players will be captivated by a burst of vibrant colors, accompanied by visually captivating images of colorful planets, as well as various multipliers and bonus features.

The Multiplier Meter feature will make your earnings increasingly intriguing, and the prizes are exceptional. On your screen, the creation of the universe unfolds in a slot as unique as the Big Bang.

Symbols and Bonus Games

  • Multiplier Meter: with each spin resulting in a winning combination, a multiplication display appears on the "Multiplier Meter Double." 6 or more sequences of spins resulting in one or more winning combinations increase the multiplier up to a maximum of 32x.
  • Wild: the wild symbol replaces all other symbols.
  • Symbols: The Big Bang is the shining star of the slot. A burst of 5 symbols with the Big Bang on your reels will earn you 1000 coins. Another symbol that pays well is the yellow planet, with a combination of 5 symbols, you will receive 700 cash coins. The second best symbol is the green planet, which will pay 500 coins for every 5 combinations on an active payline. The other symbols, although they pay less, also have a good profitability.

Big Bang will transform your video into a mesmerizing display of vibrant lights, casting shadows and illuminating explosions that will transport you to the depths of outer space. By investing in this extraordinary slot, you can be confident that your initial expenditure will be rewarded with substantial profits and the stunning visual graphics that this exceptional slot machine will offer.

Embark on this interstellar adventure and witness your winnings soar to fascinating heights with the help of multipliers and wild symbols that will transport you to the far reaches of the galaxy. Prepare to be captivated by the cosmic allure of Big Bang, where every spin holds the potential for astronomical rewards. Jump on board now and let the cosmos be your guide as you explore the vast depths of this captivating slot game.

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