Betting from the Coffin

When most of us envision the sky, we often imagine white clouds frequented by winged creatures and public servants, floating through the heavens, bringing coffee to the residents. Can you imagine that in times long gone, they imagined the sky as a colossal casino? Yes, I know it sounds absurd, death was not seen as something that would prevent us from continuing to do interesting things. How do we know all this? Well, we stumbled upon the casinos. - A painting on an Egyptian sarcophagus (dated 3500 BC) depicts a nobleman, already deceased, playing a game of dice. - A Sumerian board game was found in a royal cemetery dating back to 2600 BC. - Antelope bones, used as dice, have been found in prehistoric cemeteries and burial caves all over the world, so death was the recreation of life.

Archaeologists have interpreted these findings and others, coming to the conclusion that the game of dice is intricately linked to the cycle of death and rebirth. Even more significant is their belief that the deceased wanted to continue playing, as the ancients buried their dead with items they could use in the afterlife. In the past, people loved the game so much that they refused to stop playing, even if it meant being carried to the next dimension. They would play a game before breakfast, have one or two more around lunchtime, and end the day with a small game before dinner. And when they passed away, they would continue to play for all eternity. The only question is: does heaven have high-speed internet so we can play online casino games?

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