Bahamas: Online Gambling Law to be Discussed in Parliament

General Restrictions Opposition Originally proposed in May 2013, the regulatory laws for online gambling were rejected due to a clause that allowed tourists to gamble in online and land-based casinos if such rules were permitted in their home countries. Leslie Millar, a member of the Bahamas Parliament, revealed that this issue is on the agenda for discussion later this week. Millar is in favor of this matter, opposing restrictions on online casino gaming. As a former member of the 1968 Bahamas Olympic team, he has refused to support any measures that would disadvantage online gambling in the Bahamas. Current Limits Need Clarification What is known about the new proposed law is that it would limit the provision of online gaming only to existing physical casino companies. The restrictions that Miller opposes include the original language requirement, according to Minister of Legal Affairs Damian Gomez. All restrictions, regulations, and taxes have created room for some contention and controversy. This has also contributed to the removal of the former Gaming Board Director, Dr. André Rollins, last month. Gambling restrictions are not a new idea but rather duplications of policies adopted in other countries that also allow gambling in physical casinos, such as South Korea and other mainly Asian countries. There are many voices in the Bahamas Parliament discussing this issue; however, online gambling remains a topic that requires attention and discussion. This debate seems increasingly necessary and approaching its conclusion.

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