Lottomatica expands its online gaming offerings.

Lottomatica, the leading lottery operator and provider of gaming services and technology, has recently announced its plans to expand its online casino offerings with a wide range of slot games developed by World Match, a software and platform provider in the online casino industry based in Malta. These new slot games will be available on both computer and mobile platforms, including smartphones, provided by Italian companies Lottomatica and Totosi. Available on both channels, these games will be linked to a progressive jackpot called "Jackpot." The company has already launched new live games, which have been added to the existing casino games, and plans to regularly release new games in the future.

A World Match shines with Lottomatica.

Games have been integrated into the gaming architecture at Lottomatica using a gaming engine developed by World Match, enabling the company to create uniquely tailored games that cater to the specific needs and preferences of the Italian market. This incorporation of games into Lottomatica's architecture ensured the creation of a diverse and engaging gaming experience that resonates with the Italian audience. By harnessing the power of the World Match gaming engine, Lottomatica was able to craft games that are perfectly aligned with the demands and tastes of the Italian market, providing players with an immersive and enjoyable gaming environment.

World Match has signed an agreement with Sportradas, granting them access to sports-related data. This will enable the company to launch its betting system at their gaming center, operating on Cloud Computing technology.

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