The growth of online poker in the United States will see a significant increase in 2015.

One of the largest global online betting operators, 888, is expecting to launch online poker in the state of Nevada this summer, with an anticipated surge in popularity around 2015. Maintaining a strong presence in the online gaming market in the United States, CEO Brian Mattingley expressed, "As for Nevada, we're just awaiting final approval from the gaming control board for our software." Speaking to Reuters on Tuesday, Mattingley added that their online poker product is expected to be fully operational by the third quarter of the year. Recently becoming the first operator to obtain a license in Nevada, 888 is also actively pursuing a license in the state of New Jersey.

As Nevada and New Jersey start issuing more licenses and other states also begin approving their own regulations, numerous marketing expenditures will be undertaken by companies vying for their position in the United States in the coming year. Mattingley further noted that 888 will start witnessing substantial figures for its business starting from 2015.

Going to Europe as well

Meanwhile, the robust performance of 888 in Spain and Italy witnessed a 9% growth in its profit during the first quarter of 2013. The Italian online betting business experienced a significant boost following the government's decision to allow companies to offer online slots as part of their comprehensive online casino packages. The positive upturn in the market has been instrumental in driving the company's financial success and establishing its strong presence in the industry. This strategic move has proven to be fruitful, attracting a larger customer base and creating lucrative opportunities for expansion. With its commitment to providing top-notch online gaming experiences, 888 continues to solidify its position as a leading player in the global online gambling market.

According to the latest update from EGR magazine, it has been reported that the 888 sportsbook in Spain and Italy is on the verge of launching, following a forthcoming supplier agreement. The successful completion of this endeavor is expected to further bolster 888's profits and instill greater confidence as it progresses into the American market, which holds significant importance for the company's growth.

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